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List Blackmarket Stations

Trade Calculator

If you have logged in and made a loadout in the Loadout page cargo and jump ranges will be automatically filled in.


New Feature

I've added a Trade Route Planner, if you have entered a jump range you will see a new icon to the right of the listing items. Click the icon will add the selected commodity to the trade route planner and then query the database for the destination stations commodities so you can build multi-hop trade routes.


New black markets have been added with 1.06 please let me know if you find any not listed by using the contact form.

Click the icon to show a route if you've entered a jump range.

Prices in game fluctuate so the price below might be slightly off. If you see a wrong price please correct it by going to the Log in page and then clicking on the 'Station Commodities' link in the menu bar at the top of the page.