Thrudd's Trading Tools is a community populated searchable database of trade commodities and station services for the space simulation Elite: Dangerous.

Soontill Relics & Meta-Alloys Update

Ok it seems we now have a handle on what's going on. Basically the old locations for Barnacles have been depleted so we're supposed to find new ones. Lots of new locations have been added.

BUT there's currently a bug with the new ones and they're not dropping Meta-Alloys as intended so as a stop gap the devs are going to make Meta-Alloys purchasable from Darnielle's Progress in the Maia system

Regarding the Soontill Relics they're currently not available due to the war state in the system. The devs are going to tweak that today so that they become available again.

Soontill Relics & Meta-Alloys

Just a quick heads-up. It seems Soontill Relics have been moved and the known barnacle locations depleted so we need to find them anew. Time to explore folks :)

Good luck!,
Cmdr Thrudd

2.1 Trade Changes

It seems trade is more closely tied to the background simulation in 2.1. This means that the state of a system will more greatly effect the prices offfered for goods. For example a system in a famine state will pay a lot more for food stuffs, outbreaks for medicines. This should make for a far more dynamic trading expereince especially now we can see the system states from the map.

Another interesting addition I've noticed is that there are now some normal commodities that are only produced in certain areas.
Emergency Power Cells, Energy Grid Assembly, Exhaust Manifold, Heatsink Interlock, Magnetic Emitter Coil, Hardware Diagnostic Controllers are all produced in limited locations. There may be more I've not spotted yet, please let me know if you find any.

New Commodities Added

  • Metals:
  • Praseodymium
  • Samarium
  • Minerals:
  • Lithium Hydroxide
  • Low Temperature Diamond
  • Methane Clathrate
  • Methanol Monohydrate
  • Technology:
  • Hardware Diagnostic Controllers
  • Micro Controllers
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Textiles:
  • Conductive Fabrics
  • Military Grade Fabrics

2.1 Excitement

We're nearly there, at some point tomorrow we'll finally be able to get our grubby space mitts on the latest upgrade to Elite. From what I've seen of beta it's going to be a lot of fun and includes some great additions. Of course there will probably be some bugs and as of yet I'm not sure what effects there will be on the trading system. I'll add new commodities to the database and try to keep on top of any changes that folks bring to my attention.

Good luck with the download & patch tomorrow.

Fly safe,
Cmdr Thrudd


How is the data gathered?

All data is gathered by members of the community and entered manually through an admin interface on the site, by uploading a csv of data gathered by using OCR tools or by using the EDDN network via ED Market Connector.

To upload CSV data you need to have reached Competent rank on my site but using the site or updating prices. See the list below.

How can I contribute?

Access to the site is gained through registering and using the site. New users can query existing data after a few searches they can unlock the ability to edit prices and later adding editing stations and systems. Sending me a nicely worded email also works. ;)

Reputation awards are given for:

  • Making a trade query
  • Confirming prices in the Station Commodities editor
  • Correcting prices in the Station Commodities editor
  • Uploading CSV commodity data.
  • Uploading commodity data via the EDDN.
  • Adding a missing Commodity to a Station
  • Adding or editing a Commodity thats new to the game or otherwise incorrect
  • Adding or editing a System or Station
Rank Rep Benefits Suggestions To Achieve
Elite n/a Admin features. Not achievable
Deadly 16000 It's a cool title. No other benefits. :)
Dangerous 8000 It's a cool title. No other benefits. :)
Master 4000 Add/edit systems & stations. Import another seven stations worth of data.
Expert 2000 Delete incorrect station commodities & add all missing commodities to a station shortcut. Import six stations worth of data from CSV.
Competent 250 Add station commodities & use the CSV import feature to update existing stations. Update prices in about five stations.
Novice 50 Can manually confirm all prices in a station at once. Update a station or two.
Mostly Harmless 25 Manually edit & confirm prices. 25 queries, won't take long to achieve. :)
Harmless 0 Nothing special, you can query the data using the forms on the main page. Make an account.