Thrudd's Trading Tools is a community populated searchable database of trade commodities and station services for the space simulation Elite: Dangerous.


How is the data gathered?

As the developers have asked us not to hook into the game to scrape data automatically all data is gathered by members of the community and entered manually through an admin interface on the site or by uploading a csv of data gathered by using the eliteOCR tool on screenshots of the commodities interface.

Need help with Elite OCR

I didn't make the EliteOCR tool, please see the thread on the forum and contact Seeebek for help with the tool.

To upload data using the eliteOCR tool you need to have reached Competent rank on my site but using the site or updating prices. See the list below.

How can I contribute?

Access to the site is gained through registering and using the site. New users can query existing data after a few searches they can unlock the ability to edit prices and later adding editing stations and systems. Sending me a nicely worded email also works. ;)

Reputation awards are given for:

  • Making a trade query
  • Confirming prices in the Station Commodities editor
  • Correcting prices in the Station Commodities editor
  • Uploading commodity data gathered by using eliteOCR.
  • Adding a missing Commodity to a Station
  • Adding or editing a Commodity thats new to the game or otherwise incorrect
  • Adding or editing a System or Station
Rank Rep Benefits Suggestions To Achieve
Elite n/a Admin features. Not achievable
Deadly 16000 Delete stations.
Dangerous 8000 It's a cool title. No other benefits. :)
Master 4000 Add/edit systems & stations. Import another seven stations worth of data.
Expert 2000 Delete incorrect station commodities & add all missing commodities to a station shortcut. Import six stations worth of data from eliteOCR.
Competent 250 Add station commodities & use the eliteOCR import feature to update existing stations. Update prices in about five stations.
Novice 50 Can manually confirm all prices in a station at once. Update a station or two.
Mostly Harmless 25 Manually edit & confirm prices. 25 queries, won't take long to achieve. :)
Harmless 0 Nothing special, you can query the data using the forms on the main page. Make an account.

Is there an API?

One in development and should be available eventually.

Does the site use the EDDN?

Not yet, the way my database is structured makes it fiddly to connect to EDDN. I hold extra data on the systems and stations and require users to have accounts for data integrity reasons.
As the EDDN feed is an anonymous fire hose of single rows rather than a 'packet' of station data I need to check each incoming row against the database to make sure the system and station exist before I accept prices. This seriously impacts the site performance and as of yet I'm not comfortable with the results.